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Keys to success - Practical - 50y


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Quick reference guide I built for the event.

Feedback is welcome. There is also one posted on the Barricade thread. Mover and Plate 4x6 reference cards will be available soon(ish).

I was just wondering if the mover and plate reference cards ever came about? I have copied the 1st two for several other shooters and they have been enjoyed.

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Out of 420, first up I would say that you have a good start.

As long as the gun holds 2" or 3" at 50Y prone you are sorted, the only thing holding you back is the thing holding the handgun. More practice and try and get to some actual outdoor matches and shoot the full Bianchi 4 once in a while.

Keep at it.

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Nothing wrong with those scores to start out and you improved from the first score so you are on your way.

I like the Los Alamitos as it tests more of a shooters skills in one event. Weak hand string, strong hand string, a reload and from behind the barricade.

Just remember to watch that front sight and know where to aim at the different distances.

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Well.. they do make a 8 shot revolver, so that changes "Revolver Neutral" in my eyes.

Hope to do some outdoor 50 yard shooting this weekend.

Yes, they do but the vast majority of them are only 6 shooters.

The idea is to slow down the auto shooters on reloads so that the advantage is a little less. Even though loading the auto from slidelock is still faster than a revolver with speedloaders.

One of the clubs that I belong to has a bad habit of doing this. They used to make us only load 6 rounds for IDPA matches and also PPC. They still make a seperate class for me in a Steel Challenge match when I use my 8 shooter. Needless to say, I don't bother with their bull.

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i was just going over the rule book downloaded from the NRA website. and was looking at the practical event rules.

7.6 Practical Event - Competitors must fire the 10 yard line segment in the standing position. Competitors

may fire the 15, 25, and 50 yard segments in the prone position at their option. This course is divided into four

stages. Each stage has three strings and 12 shots per stage. 48 shots:

(a) 10 yards - one shot each target within three seconds, two shots each target within four seconds, and three

shots each target eight seconds.

(B) 15 yards - one shot each target within four seconds, two shots each within 5 seconds, and three shots

each target within six seconds.

© 25 yards - one shot each target five seconds, two shots each target six seconds, and three shots each

target seven seconds.

On the 10 yard line their is no mention to going to weak hand. Has weak hand been removed from the Match?

I run a 8-shot 627 for the local matches and it's nice to have the extras so when you do have a light hit

Never mind. I went down to the specific proceedured for each event and found the weak hand part. wishful thinking on my part

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If you have an Eight shot revolver you would be foolish not to take advantage of it. BUT, 8 shot revolvers have a cylinder that has a larger mass and may require more effort to operate the trigger. That is why the K frame is still popular to build AP guns on. I have 4 L Frame revolvers and whilst I like them I am no expert on their use. In fact I am very average with them. Does not mean I don't like them. But if this part of the world goes stupid and gets rid of auto's I will build a K frame open gun in a heart beat. 6 shot only.

Other than the strings where you have to use all the chambers I would probably reload each string.

Revolver neutral means "I don't like those people with nice guns who practice a lot and are likely to beat one of my mates". I am with Kevin on this. Any lawful way to get an advantage is fair. Outright cheating is not. Cue anti Italian mode??? Not all Italians, just one. Man I have to let that go one day, but not this day. :roflol:

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