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The Idea

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With the every-increasing daily rise of legislation (or possible legislation) aimed at the stripping firearms owners of their rights in mind, we created a forum so we could host gun/legislation NEWS.

Please note the rules (above) for this forum.

Thank you all,


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Maybe some clarity is in order...

• All Threads or Posts must be approved by a Moderator before they will appear in this Forum.

How this works is...you would start your thread as you would any other. After you hit the "Add Reply" button, your post will be entered onto the forum in an "invisible" mode. It will only be able to be seen by members of the moderating team.

• If your Topic doesn't appear within 48 hours, it wasn't approved. (So please forget about it. ;-)

This means...yeah, we saw it. If it doesn't show up, then it wasn't likely a "NEWS" item. Or, it just didn't fit the rules. No need to go on an email/PM campaign to trying to further your case. Your passionately worded crusade just didn't manage to get out of the starting gate.

• A Thread's Title or Post's content may be edited w/o notification.

• Topics will be "Read-only." (No Replies/discussions.)

Only moderators will have the ability to add replies to a news topic.

• This forum may disappear at any time without notice or explanation. (It is an experiment.)

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Just a reminder.

- It's NEWS items that we are looking for here. The latest item that showed up in your email box doesn't belong here. If you feel that is a worthy topic, please dig up legit links and documentation to go with it.

- This isn't a discussion forum. Posts here won't receive replies (unless they are further NEWS on the topic at hand).

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