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3 Gun Matches

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Howdy All,

I recently took a position with LaRue Tactical and will be the POC for sponsoring Tactical and 3-Gun matches throughout the U.S.

Please send match information to me and I will do my best to support your match.

Military and LE will take priority, they are in the fight. My intent is to shoot as many matches as possible so the shooters can see LaRue products at work. I will also provide products in the vendor area and be available for questions.

Targets - If you desire Larue Targets for a side match, I will need some lead time to get these in place.



LaRue Tactical

Military, Law Enforcement, 3-Gun



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Come up the road to Copperas Cove whenever you get the chance. 3-Gun every 4th Saturday. Shooters' meeting starts at 8:00. Feel free to bring products to display. We have active duty military and LEOs at every match.

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