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arredondo sti replacement followers?


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hi all,

I picked up a couple of arredondo replacement followers for the sti mag.

these have no "legs" to prevent tilt,altho I think theyre that way to get 1 more rd in.

I cant for the life of me figure if these are supposed to be lock back or no lock back.

it does have a cut there.

I fitted one to sit where it should,but wont activate the slide stop.

furthermore,if ya look at it funny,it`ll practically pop out the feedlips.

dont know what to make of it,but before I attempt to fit the other one,figure i`d ask..

they have an angled "tab" on the one side that I assume was for fitting as it wouldnt let

it rise all the way.



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Hello: Did you order the right followers for the right mag? If you have STI mags you need STI Arredondo followers. SVI, SVI Arredondo follower. You may have to thin the sides down so the follower comes up higher to activate the slide stop. Take your time and go slow. Take off a little at a time. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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I use Arrondondo followers, none of mine lock the slide back but I am completely ok with that. The seem to work well. They are supposed to have an almost propiretary spring that locks onto the bottom of them to prevent them from flopping sideways. Also make sure they are the right caliber if they almost come out of the feed lips.

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