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How to dry fire?


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HI I am a new IDPA shooter. I have heard alot about dry firing. but I have no idea on how to do it? Do you have to rack the slide everytime? and what improvements does it help you achive? The gun I have is a XD 40. Any information you can give me will be helpfull Thanks.

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Step 1 - Make sure the gun is empty and magazines are empty and there is no ammunition around.

Step 2 - Draw, acquire sights on target.

Step 3 - Repeat Step 2

Of course you can setup all kinds of different scenarios and draw and transition to multiple targets, reload, etc. Get Steve Anderson's book if you want a structured dry-fire routine.

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A lot of what you are trying to accomplish with dry fire practice is trigger control. You are trying to drop the hammer (striker - whatever) without disturbing the sight picture.

If your gun has an external hammer (1911?) then simply thumb the hammer back to cock it. If a Glock or other striker fired gun, retract the slide sufficiently to re-cock it.

Don't forget to work with each hand.


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