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I'm Looking for a hot s&w 40 load using n310


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What is the upper range for a s&w .40 load using N310, 200gr bullet, 1.140 OAL?

:o There's a reason you will not find data in any manuals for this combo. There are better & safer alternatives.

Maybe others more knowledgable than will respond.

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That short with 310 and a 200 grain bullet? Only if I am looking for 140 power factor MAX. Unless you have 310 go with a slower powder. If you have 310 go with a lighter bullet and a longer load, if you can't load longer get a different powder.

310 and 200's can be done, but it is ON THE EDGE when everything is perfect, any small error and it could go really poorly for you and your gun.

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When I was shooting 40 production, my minor load was 310 and a 180, WSPM primer, loaded

to 1.140 OAL. Made MINOR out of a G35 and was very soft.

310 is too fast for major in 40 with a 180, and it just gets worse with a 200. I'm not saying

you could not run a 310/200 MINOR load, but it's going to get ugly long before you push

it to major.

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