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Extending Mossberg 500 Capacity


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Do I simply need to purchase the 8 round tube from Brownells and be done with it ?? Or are there other peices I need to pick up as well ? My Dad picked one up and I would like to surprise him with a little something for it .

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Unless Mossberg has changed their design the barrel is held on the gun with a large bolt that screws into the end of the magtube,

You would have to unscrew the tube from the receiver and after you installed the new tube you would then need to either get a new barrel that has the attachment point moved farther out the barrel or have the attachment point on the current barrel removed and resoldered.


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Hey guys, maybe someone know that answer to this. A friend of mine has the Breacher model 500 and wants to put an extention on it. I guess that model attaches similar to the 590. He will bring it in so I can take a look, but does anytone make an extention tube for a 590? Are the threads the same as an 870?

Thanks for any help that can be given, if I jumped the gun on this, feel free to smack me around. :ph34r:


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