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Pact Mkiv Turns On Too Easily


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The Pact turns on too easily, to the point I have to take the batteries out before putting the timer back in my shooting bag. Has anyone found a better workaround? The case Pact sells isn't helpful in stopping this problem and I'm just tired of buying 4 packs of 9v's just to fuel my wasteful timer.

This is such a poor design and I'm sure I'll accidentally break the battery wires if I keep connecting/disconnecting the battery 10 times a week.

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My XP turns on all the time, but manages to turn itself off as well, so I don't see a big battery loss (it also says "low battery" about fifteen seconds after installing a new one, but then lasts for months)

If it's in my bag with one of the buttons accidentally depressed, it stays on until the battery dies. I wouldn't even mind popping the battery out if the connector was one of those slide in types instead of the wires with the clip on plugs. As it sits now, I'll use this until I finally break a wire, send it to get fixed, sell it once it returns, and buy a CED.

Oh, and mine is an XP too.

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This happened to me a couple of times, too. My solution was to take some tape (target patching tape, since that's what I have in my bag) and just tape the button in the off position. Haven't had any problems since.

I like your creativity, but y'know -- when you pay damned near $300 for a timer/chono, having to Rube Goldberg a duct tape fix for something that seems that trivial just seems, I don't know, what's the word? Oh yeah -- F'd up.

I store mine sans battery.

Made a neat case for it -- used one of the old carry cases a 1/2" drill came in, cut out the molded part, put in foam padding with cut-outs for the screens, sensors, timer/chrono/boat anchor. Works great.

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