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Trijicon Tr-21 Reticle


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Does that mean that on 1.25x it is 11moa and on 4x it is 4 moa?


Hell I don't know, but,,,,, I bet someone @ Trijicon knows and I am calling them @ 9:00 am when they open.

Same time ask how is that reticle measured, from bottom to tip or is it one side of triangle?


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Well I called Trijicon, and yes, when the scope is on 1.25x the triangle is 11 moa and when it is on 4x the triangle is 4 moa. The triangle does not get bigger when you go from 1.25x to 4x the image gets bigger.

I ask him allot of questions but I am pretty sure he said that the triangle is measured from tip to tip to tip. I remember the tech guy saying that on 1.25x the tips of the triangle would be touching the edges of a 11" plate @ 100 yrds.

I will have on order and it will be here sometime today. Chad and I will be testing it next week while we are off work. :D

Will get back to you guys with the results. ;)

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