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  1. cd0306

    Versamax Open Shotgun

    I know Chester Cox at Palmetto Arms has built a few.
  2. cd0306

    930JM vs Versa Max vs 1301

    Another vote for the VM.
  3. cd0306

    Lancer tube.

    You need a Lancer +8
  4. cd0306

    Which low pro adj gas block are you using?

    I'm having a lot of luck with the Seekins Precision gas blocks...Good stuff.
  5. XM193's average 3150fps from my 18" Nordic Barrel
  6. cd0306

    Nordic barrel

    Great choice...You will not be disappointed.
  7. cd0306

    Shooting Pants

    Tru-Spec all the way... You can't go wrong with any of their pants.
  8. cd0306

    Taurus or Springfield

    I believe that the Springfield XDM has the best trigger of any factory handgun..Check out the XDM.
  9. " The same thing that makes you laugh, will make you cry"
  10. Great match!! Hope to see in back on the schedule in 2016. Thanks Mike for all you have and continue to do. Chad
  11. cd0306

    FireClean cold weather performance

    Thanks for the info...Time to try some experiments with FC
  12. Find a local match...Many shooters have extra gear and are more than willing to loan to new shooters.
  13. cd0306

    Build or Buy Upper?

    Can't go wrong with the Nordic barrel..
  14. Looking forward to this match!! Thanks Charles for all you do.. Your the best!
  15. Sorry I missed this one, thanks Andy for all you do for our sport!