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Hi all,

This is to let everyone in Ohio know that Miamisburg will be holding a Special 4 classifier match this coming Sunday (Dec. 10th). This will be all run on the indoor range. I will be running the match, setting up Saturday evening. (6:00 pm-ish) Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Hope to see you all this Sunday. Dual start times. 10:00 am & 12:00 pm so that you won't have to sit around and wait.


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We plan on running :

El Pres.


Payne's Pain

Can You Count

I think that adds up to 56 rounds. I have to check distances & angles. Will do that Saturday night during setup. But I also have a couple of backups just in case of any problems (Quicky II, Front Sight, El Strong & Weak Pres., etc.) The stages I plan to run are simple, "no brainer" type stages, and should make it easy to do on the indoor range.

Should be a good time. B)

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ooooooooooooooo. B) Now I really wish I could come. I love "Can You Count". Never tried it in production gear, but in Limited it was all too easy to hit 100%.

Matt, you shooting 100% of classifiers? <_<

What's next...are people shooting MAJOR 9x19 or something?


I know that it's a far drive, but I really do hope to see ya there!

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