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Copper Fouling


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no, but your problem is probably a rough bore, try lapping it, or shooting a bunch of moly coated jacketed bullets and see what that does

how bad is the problem and what gun is it in



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Iosso or JB Bore paste will clean up that bore in a jiffy. Either on a tight bore mop will do an excellent job of removing tooling marks that are usually the cause of excessive fouling.

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Has anyone had problems with bad fouling in 9mm with jacketed bullets? Any thoughts on what might cause this?

Thanks, Mark

Can you describe where this fouling is taking place within the barrel? or, within a comp?

Have you noticed any detriment in accuracy or bullet speed? High pressures signs?

I know this may sound silly, but can you tell us why, or what is making it bad?

Are you doing maintenace of any kind in your barrel, like a "boresnake", solvents, etc.?

Who makes the barrel you are using?

Perhaps with a little more info we can visualize your situation and recommend a plan of action, if truly needed.

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Using firelapping rounds or JB paste (as EricW says) you can clean up any bbl, BUT, make sure this is the issue first as removing metal is not the first option I would jump on.

Try some factory FMJ at standard PF and see if it runs clean. Try a different jacketed projectile to see if the one you are using is soft. Try slugging the bore to get it's actual size and then measure a bullet to see if it is way oversize which can increase friction in the bore. Generally you want a bullet the same size, or no more than a thousandth over bore size (groove diameter, not lands).

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As already suggested way more info needed.


What exact brand and size and type bullet?

How fast?

What Barrel?

How old? Rounds and years.

I use Zero JHP in all sorts of handguns and get some copper fouling if I don't clean thoroughly. Use a proper copper solvent, some already suggested, and clean as often as required.

Some brands of projectiles use a softer jacketing material and require more regular cleaning, depending on velocity and barrel condition.

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