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Versamax competition

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I have one of the old green receiver competition models I've had for about 10 years. It's not been shot much and basically stock. I did have the lifter welded up but that's it. Occasionally there a shot gun type action match and I will grab this to shoot. It's my only gamer type shotgun. This evening it did fail to go into battery once. That seems to be the failure I have seen last couple times I've had it out. Ejects and Round sitting on lifter with the bolt nearly fully open. 


What all should I do to this gun? New recoil spring? Remelli Kit?  https://www.badgerridgeind.com/store/p132/VMAXBenKit.html

Is benny Hill at Triangle still an option? Or trade this in for something new?

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I can't speak specifically to the VersaMax, as I limited experience with those, but with the 58/1100/11-87 family, the jam you describe is often due to a weak mag tube spring.


Those guns lock open during every cycle, then the impact of the new round into the Carrier Latch, which releases the bolt to travel back forward.


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So the jam I experienced Monday I had loaded 11 in the gun. 2 stings of fire 5 rounds. 2nd string on the beep I got nothing. Buddy was standing there laughing saying I could see it was jammed.


The lifter had raised the shell up but not gone into battery. So I am assuming the shell hit the cut off lever and things were working but failed to chamber the round. I was thinking due to weak recoil spring. 


I assume putting the 45 on the cut off lever just helps it slide out of the way when a shell hits it? 

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