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Confirming dry-fire


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Good Afternoon.


I hear people talk about confirming your dry fire in live fire. Can someone please provide me an example? I mean, lets say I do a draw to first shot in 1 second in dry fire, am I looking to do this in 1 second live fire also?


Lets say my starting position is 5 yards away from a barrier. I run to the position, have my gun up before and staring at the target through the barrier, as soon as I am around the barrier you want to shoot asap. Lets say dry fire for this drill is 3 seconds, am I looking to verify in live fire by doing it in 3 seconds?


Thank you

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It's very easy to 'cheat' in your dryfire to make your par times. Taking your first example, if you are chasing to do a draw to first shot in 1 second, you could be cheating yourself by drawing with a subpar grip. To test this, you would need to draw and fire a double, or even a bill drill (6 shots). That way, you will know if you're trying to take a shortcut with your draw and trying to shoot with a bad grip. Hope that makes sense

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"Confirming" means that what you see in dry fire is the correct thing to see


In other words, what the dry-fire lacks is the confirmation of the acceptable sight picture (ASP), correct trigger pull (TP) and sufficient follow-through (FT). You must provide these elements of technique as a conscious and honest input into your dry-fire. It's not really that people are dishonest in dry fire, it's more that they don't know whether the combination of ASP-TP-FT is good enough to match the live fire. 


When you "confirm" your dry-fire, you shoot the same way as you would in a dry-fire session and you make sure that the shots are where you called them. Nothing more and nothing less. If the shot is where you made the mental picture of it, and if it's at the same speed as dry-fire, you're done. 

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On 12/12/2023 at 10:50 AM, Goat259 said:

Can someone please provide me an example? I

If your dry fire is all about gun manipulation and speed, then the times will be quite different. 


Here's the best video I have seen about dry vs live fire and how to use it. 




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Excellent example in the video. But it can also be even simpler- I trained target transitions hard during dry fire leading up to a match. At that match, it was obvious that I was making a point to transition faster. Reviewing the videos of a couple stages, I was transitioning a bit quicker and I would say that confirms what I had been training during dry fire 

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