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  1. I move the gun back a bit, turn my hand 90 degrees clockwise and break my wrist to present the magwell. Why? Because in our ranges, the muzzle cannot point above the berm.
  2. Agreed, snapcap thing is only to prove that they're flinching when they are adamant that they are not. Best way I think to help fix a flinch is a lot of dry firing to build that muscle memory of only moving your trigger finger.
  3. Wish it was affordable to get my hands on Steve's books in the UK
  4. After I got the LOK palm swell grips, my recoil management has never felt better
  5. Back in 2011, the CZ SP-01 Shadow was my first gun purchase, after reading a few reviews about it and getting a really good deal on one. Only this year am I finally replacing it with something else for competition shooting but it'll probably forever remain in my cabinet.
  6. Let my support hand wrist fully heal
  7. I have an update: So it turns out I don't have an overtravel screw in my trigger, there's just a hole there. I tried working the hammer with the trigger fully back and it felt pretty smooth. I did notice a new issue. When I pull the trigger, then rack the slide and gently let the trigger out to reset, if I then gently started to squeeze the trigger again, occasionally (about 1 in 5 times) I hear a click and the sear seems to begin to disengage. The hammer also moves a little. If I release the trigger there, the hammer will fall to half cock with the trigger. If I squeeze the trigger fully, the hammer drops as usual. Any ideas about this?
  8. And to confirm, that's the screw that's in the face of the trigger?
  9. Could you clarify what you mean by working the hammer? So pull the trigger all the way to the rear, and wiggle the hammer? Thanks all for your suggestions so far, will check the various screws in the morning
  10. Today during a match, my gun appeared to fire a second shot immediately after the first. This is obviously a problem. A month ago I did a deep clean of the gun, including taking the sear cage apart to clean it. Is it possible I didn't put it back together correctly, or does it need replacing? After the match I tried to reproduce the problem but wasn't able to, despite putting another 100 rounds through the gun. I'm also not ruling out the chance that I somehow bumpfired it? My SA trigger weight is around 3lb
  11. Yes the more mushy-feeling trigger compared to a crisp SA trigger will take dry firing to get used to.
  12. But 10.4.3 DQs you for a discharge while loading, reloading or unloading. So I don't think you could in good faith argue that you were still engaging targets if you loosed a shot after "if finished ULSC" when you were clearly unloading the gun.
  13. In Hwansik's recoil management video, there's a training technique to help isolate locking the strong hand wrist while keeping the fingers relaxed for trigger manipulation. I'll try to explain it as best as possible but it's better if you watch it. Hold your strong hand out like you're going to shake someone's hand. With your weak hand, try to rock the strong hand up and down while holding it at the wrist. If your wrist is locked correctly, you won't be able to rock the strong hand. To check that your fingers are relaxed, you can just feel the muscles in the strong hand. They should be soft and not hard.
  14. Yep you absolutely should be dry firing with the same grip as you would in live fire, because you'll get a nasty surprise when that recoil happens and the gun starts bouncing around in your hand.
  15. Hi all, please hear me out on this one. I'm shooting a PPC (not PCC) match this weekend and I have to use a club Glock 17. I'll be shooting out to 50yards using factory 124gr S&B 9mm. Am I correct in assuming that glocks are factory zeroed to 25yards? And if so, approximately how much do I have to hold over (or under?) at 50yards? I would work this out myself on the range if I could, but there are no opportunities for sighters.
  16. Addressing your question about sights and acceptable sight picture, next time you're at the range, shoot at targets with intentionally slightly misaligned sights and see where the shot ends up. Do this with targets at different distances. Because calling the shot is more than saying "oh that went high, that shot went right". You need to know for a given distance of target, how far it went high or to the right, so you know if that was a charlie, delta or even a mike.
  17. How much parity is there between the USPSA and IPSC production list? They are IPSC production legal. Hopefully just a short matter of time.
  18. Yes playing around with it, I found the same - that if I pushed the safety down a bit, it would cause the hammer to drop. I guess when i detail strip it later this week, it'll be a good opportunity to learn the actual inner workings of the gun
  19. I've ordered a set of punches (the only tools I'm missing for a detail strip) and plan to give it a good clean anyway. Is there a video somewhere on checking the trigger bar lifter spring?
  20. I noticed an issue with my Shadow 1, where if I pull the trigger with sideways pressure to the right, the hammer often won't drop. I admit I've never given the gun a full clean as I'm rather intimidated by the steps to disassemble then reassemble it. So there is a fair bit of gunk in around the sear and under the trigger bar. Could this be causing the issue? I've got somewhere between 5-6000 rounds through the gun. I should add that this only happens in DA. In single action, the hammer always falls no matter how much sideways pressure I put on the trigger
  21. First time shooting a PPC match (where the start position is standing, hands relaxed by sides, magazine in pistol, empty chamber), I instinctively racked the slide and lowered the hammer. Habits indeed.
  22. I found myself revisiting this thread after a match I shot this past weekend. Is Brian saying here to wait until you have an acceptable sight picture for the second shot? Contrary to the earlier posts by the likes of MikeBurgess where you break the shot before you consciously observe a sight picture?
  23. For IPSC shooting, I think front sight focus is absolutely fine because the A zone is so large compared to the bullseye on more traditional precision shooting targets. I also shoot WA1500/PPC, and use an occluder for my left eye as I find it impossible to focus on the front sight with two eyes open.
  24. Just give the slide a good tap forwards to make sure it goes into battery after!
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