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Xtreme Bullet 180 RNFP Grain 40 cal not going full battery


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I have almost 10% of my 40 calreloaded ammo (DILLON 650) with xtreme bullet 180 gr to OAL 1.18 experience not going full battery 10 % of the time. The ppicture below has a round stuck and will not fire because it is not all the wy into the chamber so slightly. Notice the alignment of the serrations on the fra,me and slide that is alittle bit misaligned.. It will pass case gauge and plunk test in the barrel. It gets stuck in the chamber that i have to hit hard the grip while holding the slide to get it out. Blue bullets and montana gold will not experience this failure in the same gun (2011 SVI). I still have 3,000 xtreme bullets so I am interested in how to make it work or suggestion of what i need to look for.


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12 hours ago, Farmer said:

Two things, will the sticky rounds plunk easily, and is the brass sized enough? Are you running your OAL at the ragged edge or giving it an extra .015-.020” clearance?

It will plunk easily, I caliper around 1.168 to 1.185" 

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Plenty of good points here with reference to OAL. We need to remember that OAL is just a "guide" number, that is used as a reference. It is a somewhat "made up" number that falls with in a magazine's internal dimension. For a given published bullet, OAL is referenced for a number of reasons: magazine dimension, SAAMI spec, published pressures, feeding, crimping and probably some corporate attorney had to sign off on it? I see pistols regularly on the range that have issues with failure to chamber and for years it was almost always attributed to the infamous "Glock Bulge". After close inspection, the great percentage of the FTC are cause by OAL issues and have nothing to do with the case sized dimensions. Taurus G2's are famous for this.


The issue is almost always the leade or the throat of your barrel and its relationship with the ogive of your bullet. Now I don't want to start a whole new thread on whether the bullet should jump into the rifling or the bullet should be kissing the rifling. That is a issue that barrel maufacturers and customers need to decide for themselves. I just want to make aware that your ammunition can possibly pass the plunk test and the OAL test, but not pass the throat/leade and bullet ogive test. Since there is not a standard bullet ogive location there is no way to guarentee that a given bullet, at a given OAL will chamber in your gun. 


A good test that we have used for years is: drop the loaded round in your chamber (the plunk test?) and then apply a bit of thumb pressure to the base of the case, then see if you can turn (spin) the case in the chamber. If the case is sized and crimped correctly it should turn since the round headspaces on the mouth. If it doesn't spin most likely the bullet is hung-up in the throat or the leade and your OAL is too long for that chamber.

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