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Newbie holster questions for Production class


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Hello everyone!

Planning to start in IPSC Production class soon and was studying different holster options. Among all I have seen so far, I found these 2 most interesting:


1. A Safariland 579 and QLS with either a Boss Hanger or a copy of the True North concepts modular holster adapter. 

2. Ghost Hydra P+

I will be using a Tanfoglio Stock 1 and looking at getting a Stock 3 in the future. I also have an Armscor MAP1 (Tanfoglio Combat F), with the round trigger guard, which I may shoot on occasion, or probably have as a back-up gun. It would seem nice to have a holster that would fit all of those guns. 

The Safariland with either of the 2 hangers seems to be a good, if not cheaper option, than the Ghost Hydra P+. However for some reason I think the Safariland isn't that popular in IPSC. Is its lock system a big deal compared to say a blade tech holster? My thoughts are if you get a good grip on the gun, the holster lock should not be much of an issue deactivating, plus there shouldn't be much friction clearing the holster at that point. Is there anything I am missing?

The Ghost Hydra P+ seems to be a very good option and may very well be a buy once, cry once proposition. However since its a relatively new product and not a lot of people have used it yet, it may have unknown quirks.

Would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


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Is there any reason you want a mechanical lock on your holster? The Bladetech DAA and Comptac type holsters work fine, I'm in nearly 20 years of IPSC never seen a holster come out of a properly adjusted friction bucket holster, not saying it doesn't happen ( lots of folks on here say it does) but I've never seen it at an IPSC match. And I've been an NROI and IROA RO for the majority of those 20 years.

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I can understand that.  When I first started shooting matches I was worried about that to.  Started off with a Blackhawk serpa for idpa and uspsa.   They ran fine as long as you practice before the match to handle any type of retention device on the holster. After a few years I changed to the bladetech owb since I was comfortable with it not fallen out and it speed up my draw times by .2. Seconds.  I still use the serpa for 3 gun since there tends to be some running and using other gun before using the pistol.


but also remember its not uncommon to have a collection of holsters after a few years.

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Thanks for your replies.

I wouldn't be surprised if this happens to me.


I'm still torn between the two however at this point I am more inclined to go with the Ghost Hydra P+. It seems like the better bet; smooth draw without much resistance, gun stays put when you want it to stay put, plus it should protect your pistol as much as a Bladetech or Safariland 579 will with its shroud. Will just wait for a coupon I can use on the Ghost international website then may be I will take the plunge. For the meantime the research continues....

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