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Mag Surface Rust


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I've had an ongoing issue with surface rust on my TS magazines. Hitting with some steel wool and keeping a film of oil on the mags at all times has worked, but wiping them down and re-oiling them even time I touch them is getting tedious. Are there any simple solutions or diy home coatings that will work for surface rust on a magazine specifically? I feel that sending them off to be coated is a bit drastic but just trying to explore options. 

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33 minutes ago, Superkaratemonkeyfighter said:

I asked mecgar and mbx to make mags for the TSO but still no luck.  
I guess the tactical sport mags are still factory made. 
they have the worst finish I’ve ever seen, I had some brand new mags show up with a dusting of rust. 

Isn't Meg-Gar the OEM for CZ mags?

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You can use one of the thermoset resins that are available like KG Gunkote or Norrell's MolyResin to coat them.  If properly applied they can withstand 1000 hours in a salt spray test.  Alternatively you can send them off to a place like Mahovsky's Metalife and have them plated with Nickel Boron or hard chrome.

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