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Shadow 2 vs Tactical Sport 2 Grip Size comparison


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I am looking to buy a Shadow 2 or a Tactical Sport 2 soon to shoot weekly steel matches and some USPSA matches.


I have held and fired the Shadow 2 and I know it fits my hand well.  I also have been shooting a CZ75B Omega for a while with thin Lok grips and it fits my hands well, but I could probably go a little wider/thicker in grip.


My hands are very average / medium sized.


I am wondering if the Tactical Sport 2 would fit my hands because I would rather get this for the SAO and limited division. 


Does anyone have like a circumference measurement or anything? 


How do these 2 compare in size?


Thank you for your time.

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The ts is definitely thicker since the mags are bigger. But you will be staring with the hammer back, so the reach to trigger is probably about the same. Have medium size hands and both fit my hands very well. You might want to go handle one before buying if size is a concern. 

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I like both grips and shoot both.  On the S2 I use the LOK palm swells and on the TS I use LOK thin grips.  Brings them almost equal but the TS is a longer grip.  


With as many different grips that are out there to get a feel that you like it makes these guns where you can get them exactly how you like them.

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TS is definitely bigger around, I wear size large gloves and have lok palm swells on both. both fit me fine, slide release is getting a little far away on the TS. I would try and find one to look at. like others have said, with the selection of different grips you'll probably be fine either way





































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