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Hey, I got my own revo thread, complete with videos :)

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Can you guys please watch my stages, and tell me if you see anything I can work on to improve?


Video 2, I was in show motion. It's a standard. I should have just gone for the double traps. No guts no glory.



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1 hour ago, ysrracer said:

I thought I was going fast, but 48 out of 68 ain't fast :)


To a point, it depends on the match—the higher the target density, the harder it is to keep up with the semiautos.


I think you have some low-hanging fruit in transitions on close targets. You were doing a lot of confirmation on easy shots, and can probably afford to push the speed on those a bit.


For reloads while moving, I think it's useful to train reloads until your reloads are done before you arrive in your next position (on average), then start working on reloading while moving faster, until you're arriving in your next position before the reload is done. That gives you a nice training rhythm, and ensures you don't over-train either half of the equation.

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All in all, you did well.  You started shooting much faster after stage 4 which is a good thing.  Shot to shot splits were much better.  Try to take your shots while moving instead of moving to the target and stopping.  


Reloads look o.k. but we can always improve them.  Practice, practice, practice.


You had a great split on the hidden target.  You should get to the point where you can shoot stationary targets that fast with confidence.


Practice your transitions on the plate rack.  You can pick up a little time there as well.


Just my opinion, for what it's worth from an old washed up shooter.

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