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9 minutes ago, Boomstick303 said:

If you are trying to access the classifieds, you will not be able to until you have 50 posts most likely.  Looks you currently have only 36 posts      

Even if you have 0 posts, you can access the classifieds...you just can't start a thread there.

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Years ago, there was another version of the forum...it unexpected died. When they got it back up and running, many topics had links to the old forum which was almost completely lost when it died. They wede able to find some of the content (I think) from the old forum, but most was lost forever.

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Grumpy one,

thanks for all the help. I’m not on here much but recently had surgery for cancer. So I have to take it easy for a few months before going back to work and shooting. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks again. 

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