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Max Magazine Capacity

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I’m new to USPCA and planning on shooting a Glock 35 in Limited and wanted to know what is the max allowed magazine size? The gun I ordered comes with 15 rd magazines and I’m considering adding Tyrant Arms extensions. Would this be allowed?

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Max magazine size is 141.25mm as measured by the Official USPSA gauge.

I'm not familiar with Tyrant Arms but most +4/5 extensions will fit the gauge, I have TTI, Taylor Freelance and Warn and they have all fit, that said one should always double check before going to a major match.  

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I’ve had Taylor Freelance, TTI, and Zev extensions for the Glock.


My favorites are the Zevs by far. They are easy to take apart for cleaning and tool free. Yes, the TTI’s are tool free too, but the Zev’s design does not require you to remove the extension to get the mag spring out. There is a captured trap door that allows you to remove or install the spring/follower straight in. They easily fit the 141.25mm mag gauge with room to spare.


This is how easy it is to remove the spring/follower one handed.



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