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What to do with spilled powder…


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So unfortunately I dropped a precious bottle of H4350 as I was walking to my front door and it slipped out of my hands. When it hit the concrete porch, it spilled about half the bottle. Luckily some spilled into a small pile and I saved some in a bag that didn’t exactly touch the ground but the question is, what do I do with spilled powder?


Now I know how to properly dispose of it but can I still save the powder if it touched the ground or is it all contaminated and can’t be used. I want to use it for precision rifle so consistency is key I know but is the spilled powder still usable for reloading ? It spilled in a dry area so it didn’t get wet or dirty, but it touched the concrete outside so it can only be so clean. 

Is it okay to still use spilled powder if their are no particulates in the powder ? Should I have saved all the stuff that fell and used it after sifting it out ? I didn’t know what to do as I feel like kid that dropped his ice cream and can’t get another. 


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As long as it’s dry there shouldn’t be a problem using it as long as you clean it up. Maybe use the cleaned up stuff for case forming, practice, ect. I once spilled some H110 and by the time I got it swept up it was full of all kinds of stuff from the floor. I put some in an old Tupperware container and gently rolled it around. It created enough static cling to help separate the powder from the junk. I also had some different mesh screens that helped but still had to hand pick out some stuff. It shot just fine too, just depends on how much time you want to spend. 

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