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9mm Wait List 5/12/22 Limited spots available (All spots filled)


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I am going to open a waitlist for the next batch of brass.


I am offering 5 boxes of 9 Major and 5 boxes of 9 Standard for pre order. These orders should ship in the next 30 days (subject to sorting mix).


No money is due at time of order. I will message you approx 7-10 days before your order is ready to ship with payment instructions.




9 Standard: $209 Shipped

9 Major: $239 Shipped


Please see my 9mm options thread for additional details regarding the sorting options.


Full processing is available for an additional $60 per box.


Please message me if you would like to place a pre order for a box from this batch. 





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22 hours ago, PewPewJohnson87 said:

Are these Large or Medium flat rate boxes?

I use UPS for shipping but the box size is the equivalent of a large USPS flat rate box. Each box has 5000ea cases minimum.

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