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  1. blue for me, I make sure to clean the threads on the bolt, slide/plate with alcohol. I let it setup/dry for 4hrs minimum be for shooting. I also torque every 5-6k rounds, optic has never been loose on my primary X5 that is creeping up on 30k rounds.
  2. No failures as of yet, but I have changed guide rod springs twice in 28k rounds because they were noticeably shorter, due to constant cycling. Everything else I have changed was for peace of mind going into Hi-Nationals.
  3. I keep at least 2 of everything in my range bag, that includes 2 GG trigger kits (spring aren't available separately), guide rod springs, firing pin assemblies, 8 optic batteries (CR1632), magazine catch/release with springs, optic bolts with locktite, 1 spare optic (I have a backup gun as well), I also keep 4 brand new magazine springs & followers (Grams), take down lever, etc. I keep pretty much everything I need to rebuild the gun minus, slide and barrel. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to cleaning my guns, but I definitely try and keep as many spare parts as possible. My X5 had 6k rounds on it going into Hi-cap nationals this yr, I didn't bother to clean it, I just changed all my mag springs & followers, mag catch/release spring, optic battery, and guide rod spring. It did not skip a beat over 3 days and 2 that were a complete dust storm. I also re-torque my optic every 5k, 28k rounds in the last 18m and my original Romeo 1 is still going strong.
  4. So they are shipping it back directly to the customer and not using an FFL? Isn't that illegal?
  5. Are they requesting that you send the entire gun including the FCU, or do they just want the top end? Are you guys shipping it with or without you optics?
  6. Does anyone have a Springer mounting plate for RMR that’s not currently mounted to the gun? I really need the measurements of its thickness
  7. I was finally able to get my gun on the scale yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised, I have plenty of wiggle room. I am curious how much the Legion slide W/SRO will +/- this current setup. Here's my current setup until I get my Legion slide back. X5 slide W/Romeo 1 Tungsten guide rod/14lb spring Legion Grip module & stock FCU W/springer ext mag release Silicone carbide added. FWIW, I did remove some material from the inside of the magwell to open it up some, I didn't go crazy and I can get pics of it if someone wants to see it.
  8. If you have a chance look through a 2.5moa SRO on the brightest setting, you might be surprised, I know I was... If not, stick with the original plan.
  9. For competition I prefer silicone carbide, stippling for carry. Shooting sports innovations did the silicone carbide in less than a week. My X-Carry that I EDC is stippled by Mac Defense Industries out of Woodstock GA.
  10. I'd suggest looking through a 2.5moa first, like most Trijicon's the dot balloons on the glass and is actually bigger then 2.5 IMO. I bought a 2.5 instead of waiting on the 5moa. FWIW I'm also currently using a 6moa Romeo1.
  11. I was there for the Monsoon as well, but left after it wouldn't slow down and I had planned to take my daughters to the movies. Did you texture your Legion grip module at all? I did the silicone carbide because I have a bad case of sweaty palms, I hate all the grip paste that most people use (clean freak lol)
  12. oh damn, I forgot he mentioned the Legion. Well... the only other option would be to contact springer and find out the ETA of the new plate or send the Romeo3 back
  13. Does springer make one for the C-More RTS2? The Romeo3 max has the same footprint as the C-more, that would be the next best option.
  14. I wish I would have checked this yesterday, I was at Riverbend as well today, we could have met Face to Face and you could have fondled the Legion. Next weekend I will be at SRGC, just look for the Black guy with a SAPSC shirt on lol. I was checking it at the lowest point of the trigger where it curves back up. I found this was the best place to check the weight, because it would not slip off and cause skewed readings. That sucks, I hope you get it back soon. I have an X-Carry as well with an RMR, the factory trigger is god awful, I'm considering the option of getting another GG kit or sending it to The Sig Armor. I'm just not sure I want to spend $300+ for the trigger work and I dnt know anyone who's sent him a gun, I'd like to see how the trigger feels before I drop that coin.
  15. Is everyone's triggers this good out the box? I just got my extended mag release from springer in the mail today, so I put it back together and decided to mate it with my standard X5 slide and shoot it this weekend in prep for the Georgia state match in 2 weeks. I was curious about the trigger pull, so I pulled out the Lyman digital... and out of 10 pulls the Average was just under 3lbs. I couldn't believe it, I check it 2 more times (yes 30 pulls total) and it was identical. I remember checking my original X5 trigger and it was 8lbs with out a round through it, after 1k rounds it was 6.4lbs, I installed the GG competition kit and it was 3.4lbs, and tonight that same GG kit is 3.3lb with almost 13k rounds on it. Everything about the Legion trigger just feels better imo. What are you guys getting out of your triggers out of the box?
  16. I prefer my optic to be as low to the bore as possible for obvious reason's, but my biggest gripe is that I feel like im trying to look over a fence when looking through the optic. I am hoping to have my slide back next week for the SRO to be mounted.
  17. Shooting Sports Innovations, they are the company that sold the original X5 Tungsten grip modules. It's what I am currently running on my original X5 and I REALLY like the silicone carbide texture, I emailed them on Friday asking if they would be willing to apply the carbide texture to my grip module, they said they'd love to as it would be the first Legion grip they will texture and to send it in! I shipped it Monday afternoon on my lunch break and they got it Tuesday, Nathan sent me the finished pic this morning. They definitely went above & beyond in the customer service department and from the pics they produced another great product.
  18. Here's a Pic of my Legion grip module that I sent out on Tuesday to get Silicone Carbide added to it, I cant wait to get it back! Now im just waiting for my slide to come back from being recut for the SRO.
  19. Find an optic with a bigger window, that might help you keep up with the dot. I'd suggest finding another CO shooter that has a DPP and see if they'd be willing to let you run a magazine or 2 through it, the DPP has the largest viewing window if I'm not mistaken. The Legion is already cut for the DPP as well...
  20. This is who cut my X-carry and is cutting my Legion. Will does great work and his communication and customer service it top notch
  21. I have had my X-carry milled for RMR, and my Legion is currently in line to be milled for the SRO. I have chosen to get the slide milled because the plate site the optic higher then I like, im hoping to have it back in 2 weeks.
  22. My X5 has shot BBI exclusively since I bought it last May, its got about 12k-14k rounds down the barrel and ive never had an issue. here am using the factory Dillon crimp die, but I dnt see that making a difference.
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