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Dillon Size die opening flare

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Are Dillon size dies the only dies with a bit of flare at the opening ? While maybe an issue in other calibers, shouldnt be a problem in 45acp and 45 cowboy.

I seem to recall some gawdawful spring loaded decapper set up that launched the primers out of the catch bin on the 550.
Currently running a Lee sizer, but for whatever reason I seem to be frequently catching the edge of the brass on the die. I have messed around with the paperclip style spring, and if I take my time and spin each case when inserted it goes ok, but it does seem to be slowing me down. For whatever reason dont seem to have this issue in 9mm and 40. 
Do the Hornady dies have a flared opening ?

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First Ill recommend that you ck all screws /bolts for looseness. Then ck alignment with the Dillon tool.

Not sure about Hornady dies but Redding dies have some bevel to help starting a case. RCBS has the least of all the

dies I have used.

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On 8/15/2020 at 2:26 PM, Joe4d said:

Are Dillon size dies the only dies with a bit of flare at the opening ?

The sizing die doesn't have the same characteristic flare of the seating and crimp dies that you might be thinking of.  But it's also the case that it's slightly more radiused and forgiving than other brands at a consequence of not sizing quite as close to the rim.




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