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My solution to Versamax Competition shooting slugs high and right.


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Hi all, amateur IPSC shooter here. I own a Remington Versamax Competition Tactical for about half a year now. It's my first competition shotgun but I had some experience shooting sporting clay for a couple of years with my O/U shotgun. I've have had fairly good result with my VMCT. I won 2 local L2 IPSC matches. However, I screwed up the slug stage in the very first match as I kept missing the clay target until I ran out of slugs on my belt so I had to stop. Later I discovered that my VMCT shoots slug 3" high and 3" right at about 20 yards.


I also let other shooters that I shoot with to try shooting slugs with my VMCT. Their result is the same, about 3" high and 3" to the right so gun mounting is likely not the cause. Shots taken from a rest and off-hand produced the same POI. Luckily VMCT has a rear sight and it's movable.


Here's the photo before the fix.




To fix the POI being high, I filed the rear sight forming a groove in the center. This brings the front sight down hence the POI also down.

It looks something like this.



To fix the POI being to the right, I moved the rear sight to the left bringing the front sight to the left hence the POI.



Now the rear sight is sticking out too much on the left side so I filed it down. Here's the final looks.





By doing this, it brought the POI very close to POA. Maybe still 0.5" or 1" to the right at 20 yards but it's as far as this rear sight can go without being too awkward and it's acceptable for me at this point. Otherwise I need to make a groove off the left side instead of center with the new rear sight.


Here's the YT VDO of me shooting slug stage in the recent local IPSC match before the fix. POA was held at 3" 7:30 o'clock of clay target. I was able to hit the clay target in a single shot twice.


Stage Result

Points: 66/70

Time: 21.61s

Hit Factor: 3.05

Stage points: 48.9579

Stage overall percent: 69.94%

Stage score overall rank: #4



Maybe my solution was not the best but it did help reduced POI issue I had. Suggestions are welcome.



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