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P320 RX - DIY grip weight


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Has anyone made a grip weight for the p320 full size? I plan on eventually getting a txg module to run in carry optics but I am trying to work with what I have for now and I also like to tinker with things. I have seen a few posts where people increased the outside diameter of the grip by adding tungsten powder, silicone carbide, and epoxy.  I want to keep my weight additions internal.  I know the internal backstrap slot will not retain the x-5 weight.  I was thinking about using tungsten or lead shot from a 12 gauge shell and filling up the backstrap slot and using epoxy to hold it in.  If anyone has done this how much weight will this add?  I am concerned with the epoxy holding the weight in place so I was planning on cutting a bunch of horizontal slots halfway through the backstrap slot with a deremel to give the epoxy something to bite to.  This may be a waste of time but it will just cost whatever a tube of epoxy costs.  Also is there anywhere else in the gun that some tungsten could be stuffed? I was thinking that under the recoil spring I might be able to drill out a few holes just short of exiting the picatinny rail and gluing in tungsten cylinders that can be found at hobby lobby for pine derby cars.  I will post pictures when I get around to trying it.  

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13 minutes ago, awaldro7 said:

Could you please post some pictures? How did you get it to stay in?

I did this for the backstrap of my polymer-framed Walther CO gun. If you search around online you can find tungsten powder, and weights in various shapes for pinewood derby applications.


I used little 1/4” cubes and filled in the voids between them with JB Weld epoxy. Got 5 to 6 ounces of weight into a hollowed-out replaceable backstrap. 

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