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Question on 650/750 shell plate vs 550

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I've heard that the shell plate and/or platform on the XL650/750 has a groove or track of some sort in it for the case rim to run in?  And that it's not really possible to tighten down the shell plate to where it grips the case rim a little more snugly, like on the 550.  Is this true?  Any close-up pics?


The reason I ask is that I primarily use my RL550B for loading precision LR ammo, and the ability to hold the case head a bit better is generally desirable.  I've heard, but seen no empirical evidence, that the 650/750 might be theoretically less able to hold tolerances on ammo (we're talking F-class level of accuracy, not 'bang steel') than a 550.  But I'm getting to the point where I'd *really* like to have a case feeder... 


Debating whether to get the 750 for brass processing (and loading other bulk ammo), and keep the 550 tooled up for charging/seating.

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That’s correct. You cannot adjust the way the case rim interfaces the shellplate.


With a bearing upgrade to allow the plate to he tightened down fully, your average OAL variation with random, worn, mixed 9mm brass is wide enough to bother a lot of reloaders. For example, I’d see 1.130”-1.138” if I set the press up for 1.130” with an empty shellplate.

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On my XL750 i have the bearing kit and the CNC Clamped toolhead.... with mixed Blazzer, RP, FC i have a plus / minus .004. RP being the swinger. if i load on a single head stamp i'm seeing plus/minus .002. of course i always have random longs or shorts considering its range brass, but that is 1 out of 20 and i usually don't mind finding longs. i just run them through the press individually and they are usually dead on.

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