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Issue after CGW install in Shadow 2


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Hello, picked up a new Shadow 2 OR. Installed the "75800" kit from CGW with the add on reach reduction parts. 


After assembly the trigger works in DA mode and in SA when I manually pull the hammer back with my finger. 


However if I rack the slide to cock the hammer or if I drop the hammer by pulling the trigger and keep the trigger depressed and rack the slide I get a dead trigger. 

If I manually pull the hammer back just a bit more it will then act as it should.


It's like the new hammer doesn't engage the slide enough to be fully cocked. 


I plan to call CGW on monday but thought I would chack here as maybe this is a simple thing I'm overlooking.



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Ok, so I adjusted the trigger bar springs as per that link(thanks) and no change in the issue. 


I made a video of the problem. 



Something I noticed. I only have to just barely pull back on the hammer for it to function in SA. 


Also, if I pull back on the hammer to "set" it and then rack the slide it goes back to the same issue of needing to be set.


Any thoughts?

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That seems like the disconnector needs to be fit since it’s not resetting in single action, if you google cgw disconnector fitting there will be plenty of threads on how to fit it. Basically it’s filling away material on the inside of the disconnector until it resets. 


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I had a Disconnector that needed some fitting definitely call with CGW they have great customer service.  They emailed me picture where to take material off.  It took like two swipes over a stone.  It did not take much at all to fit the part.

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