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New guy checking in. Currently shooting IDPA, Bowling pin/plate league and wanting to get into USPSA next year. Used to shoot a lot of IDPA and 3 gun 15 years ago and then life got in the way and I quit shooting competitively. Recently sold my business and retired and I’m really enjoying shooting competitively again.  Thanks for a great forum!

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7 hours ago, MadBomber said:

Welcome to the forums.  Where do you shoot at?


We split time between mid-Missouri and mid-Ohio.  In Ohio, I’m currently shooting at Richwood and Meeker. I would probably shoot USPSA at Circleville. 


In Missouri, I’m currently shooting IDPA at Green Valley. 

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1 hour ago, B21 said:

Welcome! I started in 3 gun, then got hooked on USPSA and never looked back.  Congrats on the retirement, 14 years, 23 days to go for me, but who's counting.. 


Retire as soon as you can. 


It doesn’t suck!

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