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I’m still pretty new to reloading, and yes I can read load manuals.  Thing is I’m going to try out the RMR TCFP MatchWinner in 124 gr.  and no one I’ve found has “published load data” for said bullet.  I’ve plunked it in 3 guns I will shoot it in the most and get 1.077 as the longest COAL that plunks all 3, with a .003 margin off the lands for the shortest one.   I’m thinking of trying out VVN330 at 4.6 grains, N340 at 4.6 grains and Auto Comp at 4.9 grains.  Not looking for any power factor yet, just for functionality at the moment.  Won’t be able to chrono for a few weeks yet to make adjustments to reach a target velocity.  (1125 to 1150) but do these starting charges seem rational?   Any help is appreciated.  

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Seems that you should be in the correct neighborhood for sure.

The snag with that projectile profile in general is that the ogive is relatively short and you reach the full diameter fairly quickly from the tip of the bullet. Thats what limits your OAL.

A more standard round nose profile has a longer taper from the bullet tip to the full diameter portion of the bullet and can be seated out further to allow greater OAL options.

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Certainly the bullet profile is the major determining factor.  In my Sig barrel I can plunk 1.095, in an Agency Arms barrel in my Tupperware gun plunks 1.083.  The 1911 being the shortest just slightly drags the lands at 1.08, that’s why I backed it down to 1.077.  I as much as anything was hoping to check charge weights, trying to educated guesstimate something middle of the road.  

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I had been shooting those 124 TCFP since last year in my Shadow 2, TSO and X5 with Winchester  231. Staring this year, I started using Sport Pistol since it’s cleaner compared to Winchester 231.


Heres my load data for win231:

 4.2 Gr @1.102-1.104 OAL ,  132 PF












HI - 1077

LO - 1064

AVE - 1070

ES - 13

SD - 5

PF - 132

OAL - 1.102-1.104”



Heres with 4.0 Gr of Sport Pistol @ 1.103-1.106” OAL












HI - 1048

LO - 1028

AVE - 1037

ES - 20

SD - 9

PF - 128.58

OAL - 1.103-1.106


These were shot using my shadow 2.







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