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  1. I’d be loading them to a warm minor PF 135ish just for general range ammo. And yes I’m currently loading the 124 MW’s. But both sons and my wife like killing paper targets and the 115’s are just a way to shave a few bucks off here and there.
  2. Is anyone using the RMR 115gr mini MatchWinner in 9mm? I’d be interested to see how they’re working out for you if you’ve shot them.
  3. Certainly the bullet profile is the major determining factor. In my Sig barrel I can plunk 1.095, in an Agency Arms barrel in my Tupperware gun plunks 1.083. The 1911 being the shortest just slightly drags the lands at 1.08, that’s why I backed it down to 1.077. I as much as anything was hoping to check charge weights, trying to educated guesstimate something middle of the road.
  4. I’m still pretty new to reloading, and yes I can read load manuals. Thing is I’m going to try out the RMR TCFP MatchWinner in 124 gr. and no one I’ve found has “published load data” for said bullet. I’ve plunked it in 3 guns I will shoot it in the most and get 1.077 as the longest COAL that plunks all 3, with a .003 margin off the lands for the shortest one. I’m thinking of trying out VVN330 at 4.6 grains, N340 at 4.6 grains and Auto Comp at 4.9 grains. Not looking for any power factor yet, just for functionality at the moment. Won’t be able to chrono for a few weeks yet to make adjustments to reach a target velocity. (1125 to 1150) but do these starting charges seem rational? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Don’t go overfilling my simple noggin with too much information at once. Case fill isn’t something I had even considered regarding powder selection criteria.
  6. I’ve ghosted these forums for quite some time, reading the past several years worth of posts. And it seems there are certainly plenty that love TG and SP. From all I’ve read and as far as my local availability I think I’ll lean towards SP and keep some VV N330 onhand as supply allows. Use the 330 to replicate the same velocity my carry load prints. And work up a SP load that gets as close as possible for general plinking. I certainly have learned volumes by reading up on you guys’ first hand experience. So for that I say thank you all.
  7. I’m fairly new to reloading, and sad to say the gentleman that got me started into it passed away several months ago. So I’m looking for advice. I only reload 9mm. So here’s my question, what powder would you recommend in 9mm to do the following things? 1)push a 124 grain bullet roughly 1075-1100fps 2) meter reliably in a Dillon 3) lower flash than PP 4) have lot to lot consistency 5) reasonably available I currently have a good bit of VV N330 that fits these criteria, but it’s pricey and can get hard to find at times. So far, Sport Pistol and BE-86 look promising, but what else and what do you like about it?
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