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Load development for mpx

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So I’m currently loading 124gr rn at 1.125 oal with 4.0gr titegroup. A buddy has had some issues running titegroup through his gen 2 sbr. I just bought the new gen 3 Pcc and I’m curious to what people with the new gen 3 are loading with. Thinking of trying out some other loads but I’ve never loaded anything but titegroup.



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Hello: Load 115's to 138- 140PF and don't look back. Tite Group, Clean Shot, N320 all of these work great. Thanks, Eric

Yeah my load chrono’d in my Pcc at 156pf. But it also is at where I meet min pf through both my pistols too. I really don’t want a separate load but if it’s gonna have issues with tg, then I will setup a second tool head. I do want to stick with 124 so im not buying multiple projectiles.

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Hello: If you only want one load then you already have what you need. If you are going to load for your MPX then you will have to have two loads. One for your pistol and one for your MPX other wise just try different powders that will work in your pistol. This may sound pissy but load for the gun you are using to make it the best shooting one it can be. Use two different bullets so you can tell the difference. Thanks, Eric

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Following this because I'm working a 124gr 1.120" load with titegroup as well. Trying to use it for my PCC and limited and production guns for me and my GF. I need to Chrono it but tests I feel like it cycles fast but I have a different rifle. I wonder how much it varies from the MPX to something like my short stroked JP SCS setup.

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