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Hello from Wentzville, MO


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Hi everyone! 


My name is Jim. I am new to this forum but certainly not new to firearms. I am an NRA Certified rifle and handgun instructor. I am an NRA certified Range Safety Officer. I was a Rifle merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America for a few years. I am a Missouri Conceal and Carry instructor. I am an amateur gunsmith. I am a poor collector of firearms. So I have no where near what I would like to have. But I have a pretty nice little collection at this point. I am also a C&R holder.

My most recent item I picked up is a CMP Winchester M1 Garand field grade. 10/44 manufacture. The only part I can tell is Winchester, is the receiver. All other parts are Springfield. Stock is a replacement but not a nice CMP stock. So I am wondering if it is birch and not walnut.

I am in IT. I am a Network Engineer which means I sit on hold a lot for internet providers to answer their phone. I maintain the network and phones for a large brokerage firm. So yes, I argue with carriers and internet providers all day long. 

When not at work, I honestly spend most of my time just doing research online about new firearms I see or hear about. I find them so interesting and I really wish they could talk. Imagine the stories some of them could tell us. My brother in law has a war-time bring back Japanese Type 2 paratrooper takedown rifle in 7.7. It is in pretty good shape except for the sporterizing his grandfather, or someone, did to the stock. It is missing a couple little parts are well. The mum is mostly intact with a small T marked through it. All in all a really neat wartime treasure. 

I am a married man with two amazing sons that really do not have the love of firearms that I do. Which is kind of sad. I was really hoping as they got older they would be into firearms like me and I could get them some for gifts. Actually, the problem is that they are too smart. They say, "Why would I ask for a gun for a gift when I can just use one of yours." Too smart I tell ya.

My wife and I have been married over 20 years. She has no real interest in firearms either. But she does love to go with me sometimes and shoot her favorite 357 Magnum revolver. That reminds me. I need to figure out a way for her to let me get a 44 or 500 so that can be her new favorite. ;) 

I would love to get back into competitive shooting again some day. Even though I only shot a couple IDPA matches, it was really fun and would love to try some other disciplines as well. 

Oh and by the way, any firearm I talk about on here, is not for sale. I buy, I do not sell. I have sold too many and wished I had them back. So I decided to never sell again. They one exception is if I buy from a buddy cause they needs cash, I would offer for them to buy back if they want. For the same money I gave them. 

Well that is enough about me. I have lots of reading to do. See you out there.


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