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Dawson Base Pad Mag Springs


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I have used the extended 140mm springs from Arredondo successfully with the +5 Dawson base pads and also the springs for +5/+6 basepads from Taylor Freelance. Both Arredondo and TF clearly state on their websites that the mag springs are custom made for them (to their specs) by Wolff. I would be willing to bet the springs Dawson sends are likely made for them by Wolff or maybe ISMI - not a lot of choices in that regard. I have also used the extended springs by ISMI with the Dawson pads with success. All three work with my 140 mm Dawson basepads, as well as with my Arredondo and TF base pads. I have not really noticed a big difference in how long they last.


Shooter's Connection sells Arredondo and ISMI springs in the 140 mm variety and they are readily available elsewhere, including directly from Arredondo, TF, and ISMI. Pick your poison. You can get the Arredondo in 5 and 10 packs of springs at SC. I checked the Wolff Springs website and they do not sell the extended 140 mm springs even though they make them for others.

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