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  1. Never had good luck with the 140's in .40. They cost me a couple of stages due to jams. Actually sent 2 back to ETS and got a refund.
  2. What model Buck Mark are you shooting?
  3. Does anybody have any input on the SW 22 Victory performance center?
  4. I actually just ordered some of the sleeves to try out. They came from the SA company. They were 5 sleeves (Don’t know why the odd number) for $12, with a 50 spf. Worth a try for the price
  5. I don’t have any sponsors so not interested in all of that. I’ll stick with the fishing shirts
  6. I have been using Academy brand fishing shirts. The sleeves are just a little long and have to be rolled up as the match goes on. I figured i may be able to find something that is more made for shooting but at $95 for a tech wear i'll stick with the fishing shirts. The hanes look like a great deal.
  7. Who makes a long sleeve shooting jersey that has sun protection?
  8. I have been using the FF3 8 moa since i started shooting CO. The glass broke on the first one due to brass hitting it. That was at around 4k rounds. I now have almost 10k on the second one with no issues so far. Ive held the venom 6 moa side by side and can't tell much difference in the size of the dot. At least not enough to make me make the transition.
  9. Does steel have to fall in USPSA for it to be a legal stage? I design for our local club and wanted to have a long shot for the first shot and I wanted to use an 18x34" plate we use for steel challenge. I was told that steel has to fall in USPSA. I don't know enough about the rules for stage design so just wanted to see.
  10. I have used the pmags most of the last year. They have worked great. Even sent them back to magpul because the springs were getting weak and they replaced them under warranty. I find them on sale at primary arms for $15 regularly. I do have 1 TTI that will give me 23+1. As stated above, it gives you more options when stage planning.
  11. I'll give those a shot. Thanks
  12. I have not had good luck with those springs for some reason. I get a few thousand rounds out of them and that’s about all. I was looking for an alternative
  13. Where can I find new mag springs to fit Dawson Glock 140mm base pads?
  14. Does anybody have any recommendations for an RV park near universal? I've found a few online but I figured people who had used one who know which one is best too choose. Thanks in advance
  15. Every time I've heard somebody yell finger (Usually somebody RO'ing who came from IDPA, I guess this is accepted) the shooter has stopped and turned around to look at the RO. I haven't seen this happen at a level 2 but I have at a local match or a semi major match. I personally don't want the RO or anyone else yelling anything in the middle of my run unless they are yelling me to stop.
  16. Yep, there is a rule somewhere about this
  17. As long as they don't kick up a whole bunch of dust I could care less. Had a guy bring one to a local one time, the thing was like a helicopter blowing dirt all over the place. He put it up rather quickly as he saw it was causing a disturbance. If it were an all grass range I can see it not being an issue at all.
  18. I would be more than willing to pay a few extra bucks to have it pasted and reset. On the other hand its not a whole ton of work as long as everyone works. I've never felt that pasting and resetting has made me tired or made we shoot worse.
  19. I've been called on this twice since I started shooting. The 1st time was at my 1st major and the RO was standing behind me trying to look over my shoulder. Dude was not very nice about it, he basically yelled at me. I debated yelling back but I didn't want to show out during my first big match. The second time was at another major and the RO politely said, "I didn't see it clear would you mind showing me again". That worked a lot better. I, like a lot of other shooters have done it so many times we sometimes get into a bad habit of going through the whole sequence very quickly.
  20. A lot of it really depends on how the person is portraying what they are saying. My group of friends always give each other hell during a match, especially if someone totally blows a stage. Its all in good fun and we also know when someone has had enough. I can't say I've ever heard someone just berate another shooter especially when they are about to shoot. You may just have to mention it to them in a nice way. If they don't respond to that I would definitely take it up with the match director.
  21. Yep shooting in Florida hydration is key. I always start hydrating the day before if not 2 days before. 8 hours in the sun is a long time. I try not to eat anything really heavy the night before or the morning of.
  22. Lanny was on the firearms nation podcast last week. It was well worth the listen.
  23. Yea no reason to waste time and/or ammo if you aren't feeling it. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a break if you need it.
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