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Are there any 200GR Jacketed RN bullets


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I am having feeding issue with my 45ACP.

Gun has AET barrel, so only jacketed bullets will not key hole. Went to Montana gold.

First I tried 230gr FMJ round nose, it had no problem. I liked the recoil impulse of 200gr, so tried 200gr JFP but am having nose dive problems. I think it's due to the bullet profile with a flat point, it hits the bump on the feedramp. I can see a very slight cut near the tip of the bullets when it dives. 

How should I resolve this FTF problem?

I think I can load it slightly longer so the flat point hit right above the bump on the feed ramp.

Easier way would be to find a jacketed round nose 200gr bullets, but I looked everything, it seems like non existent. Why does nobody make 200gr jacketed round nose bullets?

Would 185gr have slightly narrower tip than 200gr?


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