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  1. Most indoor ranges don't like the smoke lead lubricated bullets put out. Plated are the easiest but casting your own and then powder coating is more fun. The final result is about the same.
  2. I have 3 different 380 ACP's and one of them would give me fits on cycling. The chamber was the problem. I had to load .015 shorter so the bullet wouldn't get stuck in the lands.
  3. Go to you you tube and you will see and find what will work best for you. All you basically need to do is take the flair out to make the case straight.
  4. The pins I use are .047x.269. Never had any problems with this size. Two won't fit in the flash hole and one drops through.
  5. There are many available out there. I built my own
  6. Deprime and SS pins, Hot water, Dawn and lemi shine in a tumbler makes your brass look like jewelry.
  7. You guys are right. I have been loading some 300 BO and overlooked he was talking pistol rounds.
  8. Your the best judge of that.
  9. You could have weighed them. Good catch. Any time I have a problem I clear the plate and start over.
  10. Your crimp sounds a little tight. I measured my 230 gr plated and they are .471 crimp. I also run 4.5 grs of TG at 1.250 and all cycles great.
  11. I use Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision cleaner I mix 3 qts water to 1 qt cleaner as recommended on the bottle. It's non corrosive to aluminum. I rinse under hot water and blow dry and then spray with Hornady one-shot Dry lube & Cleaner. Wipe it down and reassemble. Been working great for almost a year.
  12. Magazines play a big part in feeding. Try a different mag, also load to the correct length. Try plated bullets. 45's have low velocity.
  13. I prep all my range brass with a RCBS Small Base Die & clean with SS pins. I use your method for loading. The M-Die works perfect and I just crimp enough to straighten the case.
  14. RCBS 90386 TM Military Crimp Remover, 2 Small. I just got one of these and its fast and can't over cut your brass. Chock it up in a hand drill or drill press and it just plain works. $17.99
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