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  1. I use Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision cleaner I mix 3 qts water to 1 qt cleaner as recommended on the bottle. It's non corrosive to aluminum. I rinse under hot water and blow dry and then spray with Hornady one-shot Dry lube & Cleaner. Wipe it down and reassemble. Been working great for almost a year.
  2. Magazines play a big part in feeding. Try a different mag, also load to the correct length. Try plated bullets. 45's have low velocity.
  3. I prep all my range brass with a RCBS Small Base Die & clean with SS pins. I use your method for loading. The M-Die works perfect and I just crimp enough to straighten the case.
  4. RCBS 90386 TM Military Crimp Remover, 2 Small. I just got one of these and its fast and can't over cut your brass. Chock it up in a hand drill or drill press and it just plain works. $17.99
  5. Remember the guy in JAWS? ( Were going to need a bigger bench. )
  6. I use lee dies and filed the bullet seater insert flat. No more problems.
  7. tires2burn

    Mini boom

    Why would anybody sacrifice their body to shoot a GLOCK stymies me. There a too many examples like this to write it off for every reason under the sun except a unsupported chamber.
  8. Are you hand weighing each load exactly the same? My powder drop will vary 1/10 a grain + or - and that could calculate into 50 fps maybe.
  9. I'm lucky I guess because most all my range brass is LPP. I save all the SPP and use them for steel shoots and leave them on the ground.
  10. I check & sort every single case. Nothing screws up my loading faster than the wrong case in the mix.
  11. Shake the lube up because it separates if not used.
  12. Is that a cowboy bullet for a revolver?
  13. Since my last posting on this subject I use a RCBS lock-out die when I load 38's or 357's. It works and I trust it.
  14. I understood the bulge is a issue before it gets to the barrel according to the first post..
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