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  1. Thanks for all your comments.
  2. Yea, I've heard about that. I guess you can get a firing pin with a return spring. I never cycle live rounds but I have done a lot of dummy rounds trying out my stripper clips.
  3. Thanks 6 & 51, I just didn't want the .310 rattling down the barrel like a .355 in a .357. I guess the best way is to do a chrono and accuracy shoot and see how it goes. I found some Hornady SST 150gr in .312. I''ll load up some .310's and then some .312's and go for it. The .310 are flat base and the SST are BT. I should be able to come up with a comparable load.
  4. So your saying that if the bore slugs out to .312 use a .310 bullet. Is that right?
  5. I got a sweet SKS and load all my ammo. I slugged the barrel and its .312. My AR 10 is .308 and my AK is .309. The bullets I have are .308, .310. What can I use for the SKS?
  6. This is why you start out with a single stage. Once you get confident in all the operations, you move up. Quality control is the most important part of reloading. Progressive presses can run a lot of rounds fast, but also a lot of rounds that are wrong. Starting out slow is safer. I started out with a lee turret press and moved to a 550. Got a double charge and lost a sweet S&W 65-4. Then went to a 650 and got new challenges. The faster they run the easier for mistakes to happen. Mr. Scuba is right on the money.
  7. Most indoor ranges don't like the smoke lead lubricated bullets put out. Plated are the easiest but casting your own and then powder coating is more fun. The final result is about the same.
  8. I have 3 different 380 ACP's and one of them would give me fits on cycling. The chamber was the problem. I had to load .015 shorter so the bullet wouldn't get stuck in the lands.
  9. Go to you you tube and you will see and find what will work best for you. All you basically need to do is take the flair out to make the case straight.
  10. The pins I use are .047x.269. Never had any problems with this size. Two won't fit in the flash hole and one drops through.
  11. There are many available out there. I built my own
  12. Deprime and SS pins, Hot water, Dawn and lemi shine in a tumbler makes your brass look like jewelry.
  13. You guys are right. I have been loading some 300 BO and overlooked he was talking pistol rounds.
  14. Your the best judge of that.
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