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SVI Hybrid/Sight Tracker/Island Barrel


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I've been a lurker on here for some time and have been searching for the answer to this question recently. Lots of topics on the "Hybrid/Island" barrel but nothing on exactly what I'm looking for. Keep in mind when I say "Hybrid" barrel, I am referring to the "Island/Sight Tracker" kind of barrel. I have absolutely no experience with these barrels so please educate me if there is a difference in the names I've just listed.


I have an SVI with a bull barrel but I am interested in the ones mentioned above and just weighing my options here.


1) When it comes to SVI's hybrid barrel, how much weight does this add to the front of the gun? Does it cancel out since the slide is missing a good chunk of metal where the rib sits flushed on the slide?


2) Is this barrel really only useful on a competition gun? In other words, is it something you would want on a single stack for self defense/concealed?


3) Should this even be considered for a 9mm?


This forum has been very helpful for me for some time. So I appreciate the replies. Thanks!



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I have a couple variations of this style barrel, one of them an SVI. I'll give you my 0.02


1- I don't think it adds any weight to the front of the gun, it does reduce reciprocating mass of the slide which tends to reduce felt recoil. 


2- Its not that it isn't useful on any other style gun (like an EDC gun)  but it isn't cheap technology. Most people want something less damaging to the pocketbook in he event of losing it. There may be some draw backs to function in an environment where the action could get fouled, dirt or funk buildup around the island would prevent it from fully going into battery, potentially making the gun useless. I like the concept and Loe the way it functions in competition but I wouldn't carry a gun like that every day. Size, weight, reliability, expense etc are all factors. 


3- It is frequently used on 9mm guns. SVI, Atlas, and Limcat will make them in 9mm and in .45. Im not sure why you think it wouldn't be considered. 

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Thank you,


This is the kind of response I was hoping to get. My thought on the 9mm was that there is not enough recoil in the first place to need the sight tracker and if it would be overkill. But, once again I have never shot a 1911/2011 with this kind of barrel to know if the difference is justified. 

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I have several, both the SVI sight-tracker, and the STI Island Barrel ( like on the Apiero) one thing you are overlooking is the fact that the front sight is no longer mounted on the slide, but on the end of the barrel.  It is not all about reciprocal mass ( which is important ) but the front sight does not rock back and forth with the slide, but sits fairly stationary ( rocks down and back slightly as barrel unlocks ) The SVI sight tracker is huge compared to the sti island barrel, but the front sight is the same.   

As far as weight is concerned it does move more weight out to end ( solid Steel mass on upper end of barrel -vs- a slot out of the slide, it is more.  and it is more where you want it!!




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I was looking at building a single stack off of an SVI Officer's length (3.75) with an aluminum frame and was curious if this would be practical for this kind of build. This would not be any kind of competition build, just range and maybe concealed. Hell, I may just switch the build completely and go with the double stack. 


I was not sure if this would add extra overall weight to the gun. Just playing with my options and thought I would consider the hybrid barrel since I am not familiar with that platform.




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The hybrid/sight tracker barrels are also available from KKM here at Shooters Connection, now. A bit cheaper than SV and available in more sizes.


My current and last years open guns are both hybrids. What Pfiddy said is accurate. They are more expensive, both to buy and to fit to a gun, and harder to fit than a standard bull. Finding a smith that knows what they are doing is important. I trust Pat Rafferty at Rafferty Custom to fit both of mine.


Great option for a race gun. I know at least one person who carries a custom 2011 from Pat for EDC.

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