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CZ SP-01 Shadow Custom


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I have A CZ SP01 custom  that in the middle of the stage will stop firing. The hammer is cocked and back but when I pull the trigger nothing happens.  It will fire when I draw and pull the trigger in double action but then in the middle of the stage will stop firing.  Any ideas ?

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The gun does not reset for next single-action cycle? Check trigger bar is making it way back and up to re-engage with sear. Is it dirty? Trigger bar spring looks good?

Please search the forum, it has been covered multiple times.

If thats a new gun without history of errand gunsmithing I would send it back to seller to make it right (after cleaning it).


You've got a reply in another thread about disconnector wings interfering. Before taking a file to it I would check for more obvious issues.

Here are the pictures for both SA and DA: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bLRqL1aKPnHzFsHY8

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