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True Ambi PCC Lower

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Trying to gauge interest. I have a line on a true ambi PCC lower for glock mags. Ambi bolt catch, safety, and mag release forged lower receiver. Last round bolt hold open, as well. Made by a very reputable company.


Trying to figure if it would be just lefties wanting them, or if there would be a wider market.

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I'm looking at ambi lowers... but I'm a lefty.  From my vantage point, the issue is more along the lines of cost/value than necessity since I'm already set up.  If I were purchasing new, knowing what I know now, I'd pay extra to get a good ambi from the start, but ambis weren't really available when I got into PCC.  I currently own a "normal" NFA lower that I'm not in love with but don't hate enough to go through the trouble and expense to change out for an ambi.  Bear in mind that I'm a Kalifornian so I need to go through more hassle and expense to change out my lower than other folks in free states, so maybe my opinion is irrelevant.  Just some info for your research...

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