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Bored Vs. Unbored Comp


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EGW offers compensators bored for $20 and longer wait time. What does this entail? I didn't see any explanation on the website. I'm guessing it has to do with ID of the bored hole the bullet travels through? A tighter fit would mean less gas escaping in front of the bullet. Is that it?


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The sell unbored comps, ie no hole for bullet to pass through, as the base price, have it bored for a common caliber is $20 and a custom caliber ie .50 or something takes the longer lead time because they don’t keep any on the shelf.  I don’t believe there’s a longer wait for 9, 40, 45 as the stock these calibers

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Bear in mind that having EGW bore the comp results in a larger hole than you might wish.  They have to do that because they don't have the barrel and they want to be sure the bullet does not strike the comp.  Having been there and done that, you are not going to like a bushing comp.


The very worst thing you can do is cheap out and end up with a piece of crap that you hate using.  Either do it right, or just buy the dovetail adapter and sight and shoot in Open anyway.  That's exactly what I did with my Limited gun.  I added an adapter and sight and use mouse fart loads.  I'll shoot it again this season until I get my 1911 custom Open gun built.

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