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Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite resurected


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Thanks to WirthweinGuns.com I was able to replace the frame on my 22/45 with one of his reclaimed lowers to build my new Lite.


After building my "Mamba", Volquartsen's new name for a 22/45 with their LLV upper and internal Accurizing Kit, I had a left over barrel and bolt sitting in the safe accumulating dust.

Today my lower showed up and I put the barrel assembly on it.  There were no adjustments needed and now I have an extra gun to play with.


The trigger is stock and I like the new Gold trigger.  It also has a flat face so it feels like my Victory trigger on the Mamba.  Trigger pull is a nice 3 3/4 pounds with jus a little bit of take-up.  I may put my spare VQ trigger in this to eliminate the takes-up but for now I'm going to shoot it as is.

With new frame with scale small small sized.jpg

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I finally installed the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit after a shot period of time and got the trigger down to 1 1/2 pounds.  I don't shoot this gun much because I enjoy the Mamba but now that the summer months are upon us and I won't be shooting Steel Challenge for the next few months because of the extreme heat (hell, I'm 68 years old and shooting from a wheelchair or walker depending on the day) I have to take care of my health and will wait until it's under 100 before I shoot again.


Now's my time to practice with this gun.  I love that it is so much lighter than my other one. It tracks from target to target with ease.  Accuracy of the stock barrel isn't bad at all and I find the tightest shooting load to be Blazer so I won't bother shooting my Eley rounds out of this gun.  The Allchin mount works well and the sound is loader than stock, good for the timer.


Newest modification is a Dove-tail mount for my Vortex Vipers.  I know, you have to take the sight off to replace that battery but I haven't seen a problem in getting the sight back on target when replacing it.

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Nice build! I wish VQ sold their Mk4 sear without the kit like they did/do for Mk3 sears. I picked up a mk 4 lite for my woman to shoot at steel challenge and it already had a mk3 sear in it. The trigger was terribly heavy (3-4lbs~). I stoned and polished the factory sear and the trigger is better now. Still may just bite the bullet and get the kit from Tandemkross without the trigger included. My gun already has a VQ trigger in it. The fact you got a 1.5lb trigger with the kit tempts me to buy it. 


After all my tinkering with this MK4 I have found I prefer the Mk3 22/45s. 



Pros: Easy Field Strip, slingshot bolt from the factory, sear spring cutout in grip makes full strip reassembly easier


Cons: Loose upper and lower fit, heavy sear spring, heavy mainspring? could be newness, more difficult to reassemble hammer back in frame due to blind hammer strut alignment, 2 piece safety plate creates additional part.


Also there is no LCI on the MK4 which I actually like, but an easy fix on the mk 3 is to simply remove it. 


I wish Ruger still made 22/45 Mk 3 Lites. I looked for one on the used market, but the negligible price difference made the mk4 a winner for the deal I found on a used one with upgrades included. I would never buy a stock mk4 new at retail price. Honestly, anyone who ever thought the mk3 field strip was overly complicated might need to reevaluate their firearm abilities and if they should be handling them. Ruger could have at least taken this opportunity on the mk4 to improve the trigger with a pre and over travel screw and a polished sear/hammer. The Mk4s sell for $450 new, they should sell for $350 new. When and if my mk3 bites the dust either through a worn bore or frame I'll be building/buying a VQ pistol for steel challenge. My MK3 will have me to GM soon!

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Try as I may, I just couldn't get use to the smaller/lighter dot of the Vortex Venoms so I'm back to my 12 and 8 moa C-Mores.  This one is my backup and for now has the 8 moa.


Last match with the Vortex I was loosing the dot in the sunlight causing delay in being able to fire the shot.

Mark IV with C-More 1 95 mg.jpg

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