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Looking for reloading data for a Zero 115gr JHP in a SIG MPX

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This is a reloading question but it is specific for PCC and it was suggested by the guys in the reloading section that I aske it here.


This bullet was recommended to me.  I have done some research on the Hodgdon website and found a load for 115gr Speer Red dot JHP which I presume is close to the Zero's 115gr JHP.  Looks like they recommend a COAL of 1.125" and titegroup range between 4.5gr (low) to 4.8gr (max) for an MV between 1,135 and 1,258fps.


FWIW, I cannot do a plunk/twist test for this gun because of the generous chamber because the barrel is meant for a sub gun.


Anyone use something like this and I wonder how well that works?

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Hello: Try your 115's JHP's. 1.140" OAL, 4.0 grains Tite Group OR 4.0 grains Clean Shot, Winchester small pistol primers. That is a pretty good load for a MPX. I shot those loads in three different MPX's I had. Quick cycling and gets back on target fast. You want to be in the 138-145PF range which I found was the sweet spot for me. Thanks, Eric

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