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Burris FF3 Mounted on a Shadow


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I am currently set up with a FF3 with a Henning dovetail mount on my shadow that is going to be used for carry optics.  I have a decent mill drill that is certainly good enough to do the work and I am thinking about milling the slide to direct mount the optic. 


Does anyone know for sure if I can directly mount to the milled Shadow  slide? Or will I need to use some sort of adapter plate for the screws on the FF3? 


I am concerned that the screws that hold the FF3 in place are a little to far apart for the shadow slide and wont have room to drill and tap holes directly in the slide.  Not sure if it is worth all the effort if I end up needing an adapter plate of some sort since the dot will not be much lower than it is now with the dovetail mount.

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