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Differences between Glock Lowers

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I've also got a NFA lower, shot several glock lowers from friends. I'll echo the biggest difference being the height / angle that the mag is presented to the chamber (prominent when compared to CMMG's radial delayed blowback glock lowers). The other half of the equation is the type / angle of chamfer on the chamber of the barrel you are using. For reliable feeding you need to marry the correct presentation angle / depth of the mag with the angle of the chamber. Makes or breaks reliable feeding, especially when you start using hollow point ammo. Had a lot of issues with my NFA lower feeding HP's until I got a quarter circle barrel.

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I think the QC10 is a bit lighter in weight and somewhat more ascetically pleasing around the trigger guard than the NFA, but I've had both and they functioned just fine. If cost is a concern then the NFA might the way to go.

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We have used PSA Gen2 (NFA made), PSA Gen3 (PSA made in house), and a Lead Start Arms lower on several different PCCs and they have all worked flawlessly with a combo of Glock OEM, ETS, and Magpul mags. Barrels used were all non ramped -- QC10 and Faxon. If it wasnt for our daughters need for LRBHO, I wouldnt have spent the $ to get the LSA over the others. 

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Posted (edited)

I have a Joe Bob lower( I have read on here NFA makes it) with a whole bunch of different brand parts to complete the gun. I bought what I felt was the best value vs. over paying for a big name item that isn't going to make a bit of difference in how the gun functions. Think 300$ hand guards, some look super sweet, but don't have much to do with the gun working/functioning .


 I use Glock and ETS mags and other than an extended mag base fit issue they all function 100%, especially the ETS mags. I really like them, easy in, easy out. Plus you can see the rounds in them, and if they are stacking correctly. For whatever reason sometimes the 7th one will stack on top of the 6th instead of stagger to the side. No clue why but easily fixable when you can see it !


I just tried to upload a pic but evidently it is too big of a file? Only one  j peg image, maybe someone can help?

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