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  1. Never heard of that one, what country do you originate from? All you have to do is get a hold of one of the mods and ask them, they are all over on there. As far as the pics, you do have to register as a member. In your case, somewhat of a catch 22.
  2. Some very good info above. Regardless how you get there, gage pins are the only way to accurately measure case neck ID. As was also stated, your drawing was incorrect. .30 cal bullets measure .308". So.................... .002/.003 neck tension works just fine for a bolt action with NO crimp. The rule of thumb we use ( look up the origin of 'rule of thumb' it's interesting) is target ammo never gets a crimp. Hunting ammo may be cycled in and out of your rifle many many times without being fired. Crimp hunting loads, the Lee factory crimp die is a good choice.
  3. Look at the KRG Bravo. Bad ass and available, it's a chassis type with a traditional stock look. Not to mention tons of adjustment! They inlet them for a R700 SA so you should be good to go! If you don't like the KRG, check out a McMillan stock. It's easily twice as much as a KRG, but you ARE going balls out with this build, what's another $800!
  4. Every social media platform has their issues. That is why you will NEVER find me anywhere but on a firearm type of forum. You want to get into it, go to the political section of some forums. I spent years on one of them, lots of patriots there I have a ton of respect for. Of course, like the big tech forums, the trolls make a living starting s#!t with conservatives. Haven't found any politics on here, that is probably a good thing. To the original poster, relating to every action you mentioned and most all the rest you didn't, along with barrels and stocks. Every owner of those companies is a regular on SH. If you have a question or concern, post something or PM them, you will hear back. I have found most of those guys( especially the gentleman who owns PVA) willing to put their reputation and word out in a public forum to satisfy their customers. See if Walmart will do that! As I said in my earlier post on this thread, the ones who carp and bitch and put down another specific forum are either keyboard junkies or have been banned for being themselves.
  5. That's fine, but this topic is precision rifle. The USPSA match I shot last Sunday didn't have a precision rifle division. I would assume it's here because of interest in precision rifle , and I would bet money it wasn't put here to be a dog or a POS thread on an otherwise quality and informative forum. At least I bet Mr. Enos didn't intend for it to be second rate. A forum is as good as the people that participate, I think that fore the most part the people her are well informed and helpful. What takes away from it is dogging another forum because you( I'm not talking about you personally) have a hard on for another forum owner or mods or whatever. Or, very often you were booted off of said forum. I am on here as well as Snipers Hide and I can say there is a wealth of good info there as well. Carping and bitching makes a person, or the forum they represent look small.
  6. Wow! You posted on this forum to ask what the best forum is to post on??????????????????????????? Isn't that kind of like going into a Chevy dealer and asking them if the new F150's aren't the best truck on the road???????????? Not to mention I'm sure Brian Enos REALLY appreciates that question. HINT......................... Don't listen to dopes that are agenda driven or have an axe to grind with whomever they are grinding on at the moment. Go on whatever forum you want to, read what you want to and take from it what you want to. Info about rifles, scopes, ammo, reloading doesn't know who you are, it's just info.
  7. I use a Taccom3 system with the short stroke kit, very soft shooting and I have never had a trigger issue. I read on here many instances of trigger problems with different buffer set ups. Most seem to be with drop in triggers. I'm not quite sure why, mine is a modified mil spec trigger with a bad ass polish job and Kaw Valley blue springs. Very user friendly !
  8. I'm using the Taccom3 buffer and spring, and I took the bolt weight out, it was better. Then I bought the short stroke kit from Taccom and it went from very good to bad ass awsome!!!
  9. As I said, it helps move things along. It has nothing to do with gun handling ability. Lighten up Francis! I hope you get the reference, it was meant to be funny. FYI.........it was.
  10. Some RO's like to help, some refuse. It usually boils down to their feelings on PCC being in USPSA. I don't care either way but when I run a PCC guy I always hold the flag, and put it back in. Over a long day it saves real time.
  11. Mine is out, all good. Haven't missed it once.
  12. Every one that ever wanted an AR has a dozen of them, not to mention every company that ever thought of building guns builds AR's in 5.56/.223. 9mm PCC is the new game in town, people want to play they will pay!
  13. Go on the Hodgdon website and look it up!
  14. Power Pistol for me, also going to try a pound of Universal.
  15. That took a lot of courage, I don't know you but I respect you immensely. Assuming you are a man of faith, prayers will be coming your way.
  16. Last match of the year this last October...........final stage was 40rds. It was an unloaded start and I was going to start with a Magpul 21rd mag and reload after 14 or 16rds. I decided **** it, loaded 43 in an ETS with an MBX mini on it ( 47rds max) and went for it! Start was flawless, mag fed just fine all the way through, now I know.
  17. I apologize, I've had it for a few months and didn't remember that. Well, If my wave spring does break, TRUBL will ship me a replacement for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice!
  18. My Taccom3 with the short stroke add on was 110$, plus shipping.
  19. Taccom has this $hit figured out! My gun is a bit over 6#, which I think is on the lighter side of a gun with a 16" barrel and no carbon fiber parts. The Taccom3 with short stroke kit is very flat shooting. When my shooting bud and I get together again I will attempt to shoot a short video of the muzzle during firing.
  20. No clue on the JP, the Taccom3 short stroke system is awesome. As far as bolt hold open, do what I did. Take the bolt release right out and throw it away or put it in a different gun and don't look back. I don't miss it a bit !
  21. I went with the C More a month or so ago. I shot the last two matches of the year with it and loved it. I may change my mind in a few months, but I doubt it.
  22. My guess, not much of a test. The extra weight in the bolt makes the whole cycle feel harsher. Without the weight it is smoother, at least for me it was.
  23. Same with the Taccom3 system. It's not required, but I tried it both ways and it's much better with the weight out of the bolt.
  24. I've never tried the JP system but I like my Taccom system much better since I added the SS kit. I purposely did it that way to get a real comparison, I shot a few matches before the SS kit.
  25. I saw your whole reply before you did your edit. I may have misread your explanation, but it was confusing. I took it as the gunsmith said the bolt slamming causing the firing pin to strike the primer was impossible unless the trigger either was broken or broke as in breaks to fire a shot? If he meant the same thing as I said of course I agree. I don't see what the trigger would have to do with it? When you cycle the bolt back, the hammer is locked back and ready to go. My point was the inertia could cause the round to go off without the hammer moving at all.
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