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What parts are different, DA/SA and SA


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I looked around but could not find the answer.

Was trying to figure out what trigger parts are different in the DA/SA (Stock 3, Full Size Steel and others) and the SA (Match)?


Trigger, straight vs curved - does it matter?

Trigger bar ?

Sear ?

Hammer ?

no interrupter in SA



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Are you trying to convert a Stock 3 to Single Action only or the other way around ????

Ps....here are my Stock 2s.....1 is DA the other is SA 54e9fd248b837a36266360c450ee5b6b.jpg

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I have been working with a 22 LR upper.  When using it on a Match lower was working about 95+%.

Have now put it on a Stock 3 lower and after fitting the magazines it is only working about 80%. Most of the time it is light FP strikes with the round going off with a second hit.

It feels like the Match does have a heavier hammer spring than the Stock 3 and that could of been changed before it got to my hands.


I will try putting in a heavier hammer spring and see if that helps.

What I would like to have made up is a new 22 LR firing pin with a rounded tip and just a pinch more length on the back end. That would get rid of the firing pin block and hit the primer a little bit harder.


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The SA and DA hammers are different. The DA +SA hammer will do both, but the SA only will not. (New to me) the hammer my GT came with has no hole/ space for me to attach/install a disco. So I would have to buy a new hammer to put in a PD bolo.

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