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MPX 24c trigger and safety problem

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I got a new MPX carbine for PCC. As is usual the trigger sucked for competition. Replaced with Hiperfire 24C as this was recommended by several other shooters. Kept the stock safety. Installed and ran about 50 rounds with no issues. Shot first match today, ran great the first stage then had an issue during the second. The safety would not disengage. Move to fire and trigger would not move, cycle safety and fired one round, had to cycle safety again. Did this off and on for next two stages then ran great for final stage. Stayed after and ran 100 rounds with no problem. Another shooter with an MPX said his did this and he just replaced the the safety with a Noveske unit. I'm not opposed to changing the safety but would like to understand whats causing the problem. Any insight would be great.


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Thought I would post an update on this issue. Took the upper off of the gun and looked at the trigger assembly with magnification. What I found was that the dis-connector and the hammer were touching when you let off the trigger. This would not allow the hammer to go back into position for the next shot. Fix was simple, I took a fine file and cleaned up the contact point and all is well. 

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